Battle of the Broadheads – Ultimate Durability Test

Tested by John Lusk with Lusk Archery Adventures

John Lusk, with Lusk Archery Adventures, takes 16 broadheads head to head in a “Knock Out Round“ format to test durability. The test consists of 5 rounds starting with plywood and ending with a concrete block. Broadheads that break or bend significantly are eliminated. See if any broadheads survive the ultimate durability challenge!

Broadheads tested: Jekyll & Hyde, Wasp Jackhammer, NAP Killzone, Sevr 1.5, Sevr Robusto, Rage Trypan All Steel, Rage Trypan NC, Swhacker 3 blade, Swhacker Two Blade Stainless Steel, Thrive, Muzzy X, Deepower Mechanical, Grim Reaper Mini Mag 4 Blade, Grim Reaper Hybrid, Afflictor Ultraviolet, and G5 Deadmeat.

Mediums tested by round:

  • Round One: 3/8″ plywood
  • Round Two: Elk Scapula
  • Round Three: .22 gauge steel plate
  • Round Four: .22 gauge steel plate plus 3/8″ plywood
  • Round Five: Cinder Block

For more of John’s tests and other videos check out his YouTube Channel:

About John: 

John has developed a strong reputation for testing broadheads on his YouTube channel Lusk Archery Adventures. He has a strong passion for bowhunting and has proven it in the field taking hundreds of animals and dozens of different species of game with his bow.

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