Deep-Six is only for use with Easton 4mm FMJ and 4mm Carbon Injexion arrows. All other arrow brands and models will use 8-32 (standard) broadheads. 

Yes.  We are looking at producing a 125 grain in possible future product introductions for next year. 

We currently only ship within the USA. We are looking at international shipping options. Please sign up on the “stay notified” section of the sevrbroadheads.com webpage to receive notification of when international shipping is available. 

Yes. By design, the Sevr blades will stay closed even out of high speed crossbows. 

There are so many variables in bowhunting, it would be impossible to provide a definitive answer on bow poundage. Shot placement is far more important, and will effect how a broadhead will perform, more than any other factor. However, as a general guideline we recommend 50 lbs. for compound bows and 60 lbs. for recurve as a starting point. Anything you can do to increase kinetic energy and momentum will also have a significant influence in overall terminal performance.

All orders will ship complete. If an item is not in stock we will wait until all items have arrived before shipping the order. If an item is backordered, expected availability date will be shown both on the item in the shop and on the check-out page.

No, Sevr broadheads are only available at sevrbroadheads.com

No, Sevr broadheads are only available at sevrbroadheads.com

When you resharpen a disposable blade it removes material and can weaken the blade strength. We recommend replacing the blades after every shot into a game animal. Replacement blades are available at sevrbroadheads.com. 

Sevr’s locking, pivoting blades allow the broadhead to pivot around bones and will also pivot as needed on quartering shots, so that deflections common with non-pivoting designs aren’t a problem. 

Yes, when practicing with any broadhead you must take precautions to avoid impacts with other arrows or objects in the target. However, when Sevr is in practice mode, the dull deployment arms of the blades that stick-out of the ferrule create a channel in the target that will prevent blade dulling with normal use. 

Sevr is approved to shoot in any foam (broadhead) target commercially available today. Do not shoot broadheads into bag targets. 

Results will vary based on the type of ground blind. We don’t recommend that the broadhead be shot through mesh windows. 

Our o-rings are made of silicone and will not be effected by temperature extremes, or rot in the sun.

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A rear-deploying design is the standard for big cuts, quick kills and huge blood trails.

SEVR adds a patented difference.  Our Lock-and-PivotTM function locks the blades together while allowing them to pivot around bone for the straightest and most-efficient penetration possible.

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