The SEVR Titanium 1.5 was made for bow or crossbow hunters who want the very best and prefer a 1.5” cutting diameter more swept-back blade cutting angle for maximum penetration.  Perfect for hunting large thick skinned, heavy boned animals.  Also great for lower-poundage and/or short draw shooters where reduced cutting effort and added penetration is particularly beneficial.



  • Lock-and-PivotBlades – SEVR’s patented Lock-and-Pivotnon-barbed blades are fully contained in the ferrule and lock open on impact.  Blades pivot as needed to keep arrows driving straight through game even on steep quartering shots and bone impacts. This increases penetration versus regular rear-deploy non-pivoting broadheads.
  • Practice Lock Practice Mode – Patented feature keeps blades locked and contained in the ferrule.  Allows practicing with actual broadheads to verify true point-of-impact without dulling blades.
  • Stretch Cut– SEVR heads stretch the hide while cutting producing a larger-than-blade wound diameter for heavier blood trails and more reliable recoveries.
  • Titanium Ferrule – Solid billet is machined from grade-5 titanium with a precision-ground tip.  Titanium provides higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel for extra durability and strength.
  • Max Penetration Stainless Steel Blades – 1.5” cutting diameter .032” thickness stainless-steel blades are engineered with a swept-back cutting angle for a deep penetrating wound channel.
  • Field Point Accurate – Blades are fully contained in the ferrule for aerodynamic flight and true field-point accuracy.
  • Crossbow Rated – SEVR is approved for use with the fastest crossbows and remain closed in flight.
  • Prices shown are for each individual broadhead.
  • Watch THIS VIDEO to see Jace Bauserman’s review of the SEVR  the Titanium 1.5 Broadhead

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