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Best Hunting Broadhead – Highest Score Review


Hunting enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exciting update from Sever Broadheads! We recently stumbled upon a comprehensive review of Sever’s latest innovation, the 1.75 Broadhead, by John Lusk of Lusk Archery Adventures. His detailed analysis and testing results are something every hunter should know about. Let’s dive into what makes this new Broadhead a must-have in your hunting arsenal.

Unmatched Precision and Power

The Sever 1.75 Broadhead is a marvel of hunting technology. With a 1.75-inch cutting diameter, it sits perfectly between the existing 1.5 and 2.0 models. This Broadhead is designed to strike a balance, offering the ideal combination of penetration and damage potential for various game sizes. Whether you’re targeting larger or smaller animals, the 1.75 might just be the versatile solution you’ve been looking for.

Cutting-Edge Design

Sever’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the design of the 1.75 Broadhead. Made from a single piece of grade five titanium, it features a robust chisel tip that functions like a bleeder, creating a wider wound channel that’s harder to close. This design not only enhances penetration but also ensures a more humane and efficient hunt.

Revolutionary Deployment Mechanism

The 1.75 Broadhead employs a rear-deploying mechanism, unique to Sever. Upon impact, the blades are forced open from the rear, ensuring full deployment and maximum cutting diameter. This gator-style head locks in place upon opening, a patented feature that sets Sever apart from the competition.

Durability and Reliability

In his tests, John Lusk highlighted the exceptional durability of the 1.75 Broadhead. Even after multiple shots through tough materials like MDF and steel plates, the Broadhead maintained its integrity, with minimal edge chatter and impressive blade retention. This level of durability means you can trust the 1.75 to perform under the most challenging conditions.

Top-Scoring Performance

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Lusks review is the score he awarded the 1.75 Broadhead. Scoring over 93 points, it’s the highest-rated Broadhead he’s ever tested. This score reflects its superior sharpness, flight accuracy, and overall performance, making it a top choice for hunters seeking the best.


The Sever 1.75 Broadhead is more than just a new product; it’s a testament to Sever’s dedication to innovation and quality in the hunting industry. Its balanced design, cutting-edge deployment mechanism, and unparalleled durability make it a standout choice for hunters of all levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, the Sever 1.75 Broadhead is a game-changer you’ll want in your quiver.

Happy hunting, and remember, with Sever, you’re always on the cutting edge!

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