Crossbow Hunting’s New Top Broadhead?

The new SEVR broadheads have taken a commanding position in the bowhunting world, but are they the ultimate points for crossbow hunting?

by Rob Reaser

While SEVR has touted their broadheads as being crossbow compatible from the outset, we didn’t have an opportunity to test that claim last season, using them instead with our vertical bows. We were also curious how they would work with our crossbows because these broadheads use a rather light and pliant rubber O-ring to keep their rear-deploying blades tucked in the ferrule during flight and there is zero set-screw tension on the blades, meaning all that’s keeping those blades in place during launch is that thin O-ring. So, we decided to validate SEVR’s crossbow credentials this season on a recent whitetail hunt…. Read Full Article Here

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