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SEVR Titanium 2.0 Broadhead Outperforms…Period

Few broadheads excel in all the areas a hunting point should perform at peak proficiency. That is why the SEVR™ Titanium 2.0 is the choice broadhead for experienced and discerning big-game bowhunters. This advanced two-blade mechanical broadhead was developed to solve the needs of bowhunters demanding reliable and predictable performance both in the field and on the practice range.

The SEVR concept begins with the patented Lock-and-Pivot™ blade design. In their undeployed state, these .032-inch thick blades sit securely in a solid titanium ferrule. Upon deployment, the blades lock together in the open position, presenting a wide 2-inch cutting diameter for the largest possible entry and exit holes. Since the blades are locked, the cutting diameter remains consistent between the entry and exit points. What’s more, with the blades sharing a common axis, they can easily pivot away from glancing objects like bone. This keeps the arrow traveling in a straight line to provide deeper penetration into the vitals and to retain more energy. It also allows the bowhunter to be successful on more acute quartering shots since the broadhead is less likely to skip or deflect off bone.

Another key advantage to the SEVR broadhead is its Practice Lock™ Practice Mode. A supplied set screw can be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades safely in their undeployed position. Since the cutting edges are protected inside the ferrule, the SEVR heads can be used for target practice. This gives bowhunters assurance that their broadheads will hit on target and eliminates the need for questionable practice broadheads.

The SEVR Titanium 2.0 is rated for all hunting-weight vertical bows and remains closed in flight even when shot from the highest-speed crossbows. They come in either 100- or 125-grain versions with standard 8-32 threads or in 100 grains for use in Deep Six threaded shafts. SEVR broadheads can be purchased in any quantities—even individually—so you can buy only what you need or save money through quantity purchases.

SEVR broadheads are sold exclusively by the manufacturer to reduce overhead costs and to pass the savings to the consumer.

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