The Hunt Stand Award Winner

Better than field point accuracy – Sevr Broadheads took the HuntStand 2020 Silver Award in their annual field test. Sevr Broadheads went up against 7 other broadheads and did great! First place finish in the accuracy test!

In a recent test by Hunt Stand, a wide variety of broadheads were tested at 50 yards and compared to field points.  Of all the broadheads tested, SEVR posted a first-place finish with a miniscule 5/8” grouping.  That surpassed all the other broadheads in the test and it doesn’t stop there. Astonishingly, the SEVR’s grouped significantly tighter than the field-point tipped control arrows.

SEVR accuracy comes in several ways.  First, every head is precision machined from the finest titanium, aluminum, and steels materials that are inherently precise.  Additionally, SEVR’s unique design places nearly the whole blade inside the ferrule. With SEVR heads, the practice process is very easy and is a real confidence booster for archer’s and crossbow hunters. Each SEVR head comes with an additional threaded hole in the ferrule. This allows the shooter to add a small (included with each head) set screw that can be inserted. Once in place, this screw locks the blades inside the ferrule and prevents blade deployment. This means you can practice with the same head you hunt with and will guarantee the head is truly accurate to any hunting situation.

Thanks for the Review HuntStand

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