Max Grip™ 5 Arrow Bow Quiver

SEVR MaxGrip Quiver: The Ultimate Quiver For Mechanical Broadheads

SEVR MaxGrip Quiver: The Ultimate Quiver For Mechanical Broadheads —– In collaboration with TightSpot, SEVR Broadheads has developed the perfect quiver for mechanical broadheads. The SEVR Max Grip quiver holds five arrows and features TightSpot’s all-new vented hood.

This hood is specifically designed to ensure fitment of virtually any broadhead, fixed or mechanical, and is especially well suited to SEVR’s Lock-and-Pivot broadheads. Max Grip™ features the TightSpot™ patented three-way adjustment system allowing the quiver to be positioned tightly to the bow. This eliminates torque and provides better bow balance. The patented BullDog™ arrow grippers are individually adjustable to any arrow diameter and offer 20 times more gripping power than other quivers. The Max Grip™ 16.5-inch overall length carbon fiber rod frame system reduces vibration and uses an easy, quick-detach mounting plate. The included second arrow gripper is adjustable for positioning around bow accessories and provides a more secure, reliable second connection point versus a single gripper system.

Watch this video to see a review of the SEVR Max Grip Quiver, from Dan Schmidt.  The SEVR Max Grip Quiver is available now exclusively at:

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