SEVR Broadheads: How We Made It – The Fall Podcast

Clint Warner (SEVR Broadheads GM) – “Recently, I spoke with Arron and Justin from the Fall Podcast.  These are great guys who are passionate about hunting and educating bowhunters.  In this episode, we go in depth about the history of SEVR broadheads, how we started, our business model, and the keys to our success.  We talk about how SEVR works, and a review of the complete SEVR lineup, including why you should shoot one model over another.  If you are interested in SEVR, are already a SEVR customer, or just an overall broadhead junkie, this is definitely a podcast not to miss.”

“Win, Place, Show”

-Justin Fabian, The Fall Podcast – Available on iTunes

When it comes to hunting gear, it seems to be a constant race for the next best thing. SEVR has introduced a broadhead to the market that is not only a contender in the race, but it’s the horse that will finish every time…and most likely in the money.

 After talking with Clint (the creator and GM of SEVR) today for a little over an hour, it’s easy to see why they have such a good reputation so far in the eyes of those that have given them a shot…see what I did there? The product speaks for itself, and the people at SEVR know it.  Now that’s not to say they are arrogant about it by any means, it just means that they have listened and are giving the consumers what they have been asking for.

All sales are done direct to consumer and SEVR broadheads can be purchased individually in 3 different sizes depending on your application.  You can order any number of the different offerings in any mix and match pairing that you want and you will have every option available for any kind of game – from turkeys and whitetail to elk and bison. Not only are they versatile and accurate, you can even practice with the same head that you hunt with and do so without jeopardizing its integrity to perform on a hunt.  By adding a second set screw to the ferrule, you can put the head into practice mode and thus prevent the blades from being deployed on impact. Yes, it’s one more thing to keep track of, but it’s also one more thing that you don’t have to go out and buy separately just to fine tune your hunting arrow.

I didn’t just learn about broadheads in this conversation, I learned about Clint as well. One thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is this: He will be the first person to say that if your horse is winning races, then keep betting on it. If you shoot a head that you have confidence in, that you have a great track record with, then by all means keep on shooting it.  He will not force this product down your throat and tell you you’re doing something wrong otherwise. However, if you want to weigh your options, and take things like technology, functionality and return on investment into consideration, it’s worth your time to read up on these heads.

Designed with different style hunters in mind, SEVR offers cut diameters of 2.11.7” or 1.5”. If penetration and long-range accuracy are what you’re after, trust the 1.5. If you’re in the timber waiting on the perfect 30 yard shot at a whitetail, the 2.1 will no doubt have you on a short blood trail. With so many things about this broadhead that are appealing and make me want to spend my money on them, it should come as no surprise that their customer service is just as reliable as their product.  And speaking of money, since we’re talking about the races, wouldn’t you want to put yours on the horse that pays?

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