How to Replace SEVR Blades

One of the benefits of shooting a SEVR Broadhead is the ability to replace the blades without having to buy new broadheads. Once a broadhead has been used, we do recommend replacing the blades, wave washer, and set screw. Using replacement blades will allow you to get maximum life from your premium SEVR Broadhead ferrules. SEVR’s titanium heads are designed to last and may be used over and over. Each SEVR Replacement Blades will come with enough parts for three broadheads including (6) blades, (6) set screws and (3) washers. Watch this in-depth tutorial on how to replace the blades and other parts on your Sevr Broadheads.

remove front pivot screw

Start by removing the pivot screw.

replace wave washer - set screw - blades

Replace the screw, wave washer, and blades.

Take two new blades and overlap the left blade over the right.

Place blades into ferrule

Place blades into ferrule.

Once the blades are in the ferrule, place the blades in the closed position.

Use the allen wrench to line up everything with the set screw holes

Tip: Use an allen wrench to line up the parts with the pivot hole.

Insert wave washer on top of blades

Place the wave washer on top of the blades with the “u” facing upwards.

Insert pivot screw

Insert the pivot screw.

Check broadhead functionality

Double check the broadhead to make sure blades are functioning properly. Collapse the blades back into the closed position. Place a new o-ring around the o-ring slot securing the blades into the ferrule and you’re ready for the hunt!

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