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Field Point Accurate Broadheads – Boost Critical Shot Confidence

For hunting practice, nothing can be more frustrating than having broadheads that won’t group like a practice point. Inaccurate broadheads erode confidence and make it difficult to put an arrow in the vitals when you’ve finally earned the shot. SEVR broadheads address this issue in two very important and innovative ways. First, SEVR’s patented, pivoting rear-deploy blade design keeps the blades fully contained during flight. The reduction in surface area offers true field-point-like flight characteristics. Secondly, SEVR’s exclusive Practice-Lock™ feature locks the blades into the ferrule and allows archers to practice with actual the broadhead they use while hunting. Because the blades stay locked inside the ferrule, shooting into foam targets won’t dull blades. Additionally, the innovative design eliminates the need for a clunky practice head that may or may not shoot exactly like the broadhead it’s trying to mimic.

For seasoned bowhunters, the advantage is clear—practicing with same broadheads you hunt with means you know exactly how your arrows will fly and where they will hit when the big moment comes. Bowhunters no longer have to “hope” that their hunting heads will fly the same as their practice heads—with SEVR broadheads, they are one and the same.

SEVR Titanium 2.1” accurate, big-cut, rear-deploy broadheads:

  • Suitable for all types of big game
  • Ideal for use with high-speed CROSSBOWS
  • Ferrules are precision-machined from 100% Grade-5 Titanium
  • Available in 100-grain 8-32 or Deep Six threads
  • Sold single-packed in any quantity desired.
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Deep Six Broadheads - Sevr Broadheads

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