Choosing the Right Broadheads

Great review of the new Sevr 2.0 Titanium Broadhead from Ken Piper.

The SEVR™ Titanium 2.1 has been improved and is now called the Titanium 2.0. The Ti 2.0 benefits from a more swept-back blade angle, re-engineered deployment arm geometry, and a 2” cutting diameter. This results up to 15% more efficient penetration than the original Ti 2.1. All previous Ti 2.1 ferrules can accept the new Ti 2.0 replacement blades. The Titanium 2.0 is a premium, rear-deploy broadhead designed to produce a maximum-size wound channel for hunters desiring the largest possible entry and exit wounds. Assembled with a machined one-piece TITANIUM ferrule and precision-ground tip. 

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